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Fences and gates can be elegant, add architectural structure to your home and garden, and act as a great backdrop and protection for your home. They give you the comfort of being noticed, having your own space, or even creating an outdoor room.

Before deciding on the finest garden fence and gate solutions for your needs, it’s critical to understand why you need fencing and gates in the first place.

DA Construction and Landscaping in Dartford, Kent, are here to help you decide on the different types of fences and gates depending on your aesthetic plan, budget, and function needs.

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The Pros

Wooden fencing offers a natural look 

Can be painted/stained to modify the appearance 

Wooden fencing has a wide selection of patterns and styles.


The Pros

Composite fencing is longer enduring 

Rot and mould resistance 

Natural appearance 

Composite fencing requires simple installation 


The Pros

Lightweight and inexpensive fencing material

It does not rust and retains its look regardless of weather conditions.

Environmentally friendly because it is fully recyclable.

The Pros

Stronger than others, endure harsh weather, and do not decay

Substantial and sturdy in appearance

Maintenance is minimal and uncomplicated 

Steel fencing’s longevity means that it provides excellent protection

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Wooden gates have a traditional appearance. They are visually pleasing and add warmth and homeliness to your place. These gates are also suitable for most residences, as they may be painted in a modern colour even if you have a current home.

Privacy and security

These wooden gates frequently contain a row of wooden panels. It forms a sturdy barrier that keeps curious eyes out of your house. They are also tough to climb, making it harder for anyone to break in.


Cost is an important issue when purchasing a new gate, and wooden garden gates are relatively affordable owing to the low materials used to make them.

Composite gates are created from various materials, including wood fibres, plastics, and binding agents. It allows them to have the appearance of wood without many risks involved in using this material on your gates. 

You will also find composite gates do not need as much maintenance, which is why they are ideal for your driveway gates. Composite gates offer a modern and aesthetically pleasing solution that will provide your home with years of protection.

A metal garden gate provides a solid, long-lasting barrier for your property. Adding a lock to these gates is simple, increasing security even further.

Metal gates require less maintenance since they are not impacted by severe, damp weather or high winds. They require little upkeep and stay strong and visually pleasing for many years.

Metal gates are adaptable to many home types since they are ideal for modern and historic homes. You may also be creative with the design of your metal gate because it can be embellished with intricate designs

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