Artifical Grass & Turf

With the rigours of city life, having the time to maintain a lawn is only sometimes practical. Still, synthetic turf allows you to enjoy all the advantages of natural grass without having to water, trim, or nurture it.

Artificial grass needs less upkeep and is of excellent quality; you can use an artificial grass cleaner to maintain it. Also, it is kid-friendly, looks great even in the winter, and may save you time and money by replacing hours of mowing and watering with just an occasional sweep.

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It is also an ideal option for those houses with limited sunlight or room for a natural lawn (such as roof terraces, balconies, and terraces) and if you have limited storage room for gardening supplies.

Our teams’ attention to detail is unrivalled, and our crew takes delight in each of the exceptional artificial lawns they build. So, if you want an artificial lawn, you are in the perfect place.

Finding the information you need about artificial grass and turf can take time and effort. We understand that you may have plenty of questions on your mind. We can help you answer those questions.

Artificial grass may be installed on various surfaces, independent of your installation type; it is mainly suitable for a residential garden. Artificial grass may be installed over turf, dirt, concrete, tarmac, asphalt, and decking. 

The surface does not have to be perfectly flat, and synthetic grass can even be used on slopes. Every surface may be handled with; some may require more effort, but artificial grass is a versatile feature.

Here's what is commonly put under artificial grass:

  • Geo-textile Paper/Mesh Weed Barrier 
  • Crushed Aggregate/Gravel
  • Weed Membrane
  • Astro-Cushion
  • Granite Dust
  • Sub-base
  • Artificial Grass Infill

The cost of installing artificial grass varies based on the size and design of your yard and the width of the artificial grass. The size of your outdoor space should be estimated in square meters so that you can compare the size of your garden and how much fake grass you need to be placed appropriately.

  • Artificial grass can be harmful to the environment, causing pollution or waste, although this depends on the manufacturing processes used by a company. 
  • It can be costly to have an artificial grass installation if the turf is of excellent quality. However, this is a wise investment for a professional installation because the grass to be fitted has to be the best standards. 
  • It takes longer to install than real grass and lacks the natural, fresh-cut fragrance of actual grass, which some people may consider a disadvantage.
  •  It only lasts for a short time as genuine grass. Artificial grass is projected to last 7 to 15 years on average. 
  •  It may limit the biodiversity of your garden since artificial grass is composed of plastic and is not a natural material in which wildlife may thrive.

Garden designers, professional landscapers, and home gardeners suggest our most popular garden grass.

It is exceptionally attractive and durable enough to withstand typical everyday use. It’s ideal for groomed gardens when the lawn complements the house’s overall appearance.

Garden Lawn Turf will create a robust, healthy, and long-lasting lawn. Once established, it is effortless to maintain and will withstand a somewhat light lawn care regimen. So, remember to feed it regularly and only remove one-third of its length in a single cut. Furthermore, the greater your lawn care skills are, the better this turf will appear over time.

Species-rich grass is a mixture of various low-growing plant species ideal for low-maintenance and pollinator-friendly gardening. It’s tough enough for children’s play and as attractive as a painting.

So, if you want to mow your lawn a couple of times a month and contribute to biodiversity, pick species-rich turf.

The season, weather, and the preparation of the ground all influence establishment.

It is important to note to keep traffic very light for the first 3-4 months. Walking on the grass occasionally is all right, but it won’t be ready for football.

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Our team has the most excellent experience installing artificial grass in Dartford, Kent. Our comprehensive service includes free assessment samples, guidance and consulting, and prompt, skilled installation. 

DA Construction and Landscaping constructed gorgeous artificial lawns across the nation, from Dartford, Sidcup, Bexley, Welling, Bexleyheath, Erith, Belvedere, Greenhithe, Swanscombe, Gravesend, and Longfield, providing you with a hassle-free service.

Looking for something outside of our service area? Then why not take a look at our colleagues at Avon Lawncare for all your lawn care in Avon, IN 

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